Annual Trainer Conference 2016

By September 15, 20162016 Events, Past Events

Held at RIST, Hamilton

Over 30 attendees, with a session run by the VET Development Centre on how to set up a Training & Assessment Strategy

A field trip with highlights of the district from Hamilton (Use of drones in research data gathering, Red meat Centre trials, canola grazing trials), to Portland (Biochar trials), to Yambuk (Buffalo cheese farm and Icelandic horses), to Macarthur (local vineyard)

Validation of competencies

Wool group assessment validation

PICCM report on AHC Training Package and competencies, plus progress of Purchasing Guide

Discussions on teaching out AHC10 courses and transition to AHC programs in 2016-17

Planning for teacher PD, following previous Chainsaw program. Items include Tractor and FEL trainer PD to be held in November 2016

Event Photos